Key Benefits


1) Employee Productivity

How much time does each employee waste each day looking for vehicles?  If your service technicians, service writers, and valets are spending an average of 20 minutes per day looking for vehicles, you are already paying for BrightLot.  You just aren't receiving any of the benefits!


2) Sales Productivity

It's great to spend marketing dollar on getting Ups in the door. But if you cannot convert them into sales, it is a waste of your investment dollars.  With BrightLot, regardless of rain, snow, extreme heat, extreme cold, or darkess in the evening, your salespeople will always be able to locate the perfect vehicle quickly and promptly - forget about walking the lot or driving around in a golf cart looking for "anything close" to your customer's needs.


3) Service Productivity

When a service technician that bills out at $125/hr spends time looking for a vehicle, your service department is losing revenue at the same rate, not including the parts margin that go along with the labor hours.


How many times per day are your service writers calling your service techs, just to find out if a service RO is complete?  Eliminate all of that wasted time and energy, with BrightLot's automated workflow process alerts - when a service technician flips the indicator on the vehicle tag, an email is immediately sent to the service writer, with a notification that the service RO is complete.


4) CSI Incentives

How long do your service customers wait at the end of the day to pick up their vehicles?  A customer's wait time is the last impression he/she has before filling out a service evaluation!


5) Service Loaner Utilization

How long do loaner vehicles sit around after they are returned before they are cleaned and prepped for the next customer?  With BrightLot, the prep staff is notified as soon as a vehicle is returned.  Once a vehicle is prepped, service writers are notified instantly.  By creating efficiencies in your loaner turnaround process, your dealership can reduce its loaner fleet size by up to 20%!


6) Fixed Operations

Managing an ever-evolving inventory list from multiple sources - from manufacturers, banks, DMS systems, and physical inventory checks - is always a difficult process.  Keeping track of vehicles during continuous vehicle arrivals, swaps, test drives, and deliveries across multiple lots becomes a near impossible task. BrightLot’s solution reconciles all physical inventory, including listing off lot vehicles and sends missing vehicle alerts to managers. The BrightLot solution saves management and administration time, while reducing employee abuse of vehicles and improving lot security.


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